Evaluation of Effectiveness of FIS Research


Evaluation of effectiveness of FIS research (FIS029)

All FIS research goes through a robust peer review process to ensure it is scientifically valid. However, it can take longer to understand how our projects make a positive impact ‘on the water’. FIS commissioned an independent review to make our work more effective in supporting a prosperous, sustainable fishing industry. Click the image to access the report.

Intelligent Fishing


In-water improvements in selectivity (FIS024)

Building on SMARTFISH Selective Retention, this project explores the next steps in intelligent fishing. The researchers are developing and testing at sea novel technologies to allow in-water identification and grading of fish by species and size.

SMARTFISH Selective Retention


SMARTFISH Selective retention (FIS011-B)

Both spatial selectivity and gear selectivity can help vessels comply with the Landing Obligation. Real-time information flow within the fishing industry will help fishers identify areas to avoid and, in combination, SmartTrawl technology will help ensure the target species are selected. This project demonstrates how these strategies could be implemented in the Scottish demersal industry. See also FIS024.

Review of Fisheries Knowledge


A review of the status of Scotland's capture fisheries and research and innovation projects highlighting knowledge gaps and data resources (FIS001)

To prioritise Scottish fisheries research, we need to know what has been done before and where there are gaps in our knowledge. This review does just that. The review draws on examples from around the world to inform likely effectiveness of future research and sets priorities for Scotland.

Innovation in Selectivity


Innovation in selectivity (FIS011-A)

In preparation for the implementation of the Landing Obligation, this project provides a framework for improving selectivity for the Scottish fishing fleet. The project reviews current knowledge in the sector and identifies innovations from other disciplines that could be applied to fisheries.