Habitat Management for the North Sea


Habitat Management for the North Sea (FIS030)

Working with Project UK Fisheries Improvement, this FIS project will develop a habitat management plan for the North Sea to protect high-risk habitats from lemon sole fishing gear. The research will give this important fishery the tools to become more sustainable, and to demonstrate this to key markets.

Management in Shared Seas


Management in shared seas (FIS014)

This project identifies effective ways to manage a shared resource, drawing on knowledge from a range of regions and countries. With a focus on interactions between Marine Protected Areas and fisheries, the project identifies how better collaboration, conflict mitigation and communication can be achieved.

Innovation in Governance & Management


Innovation in governance & management (FIS010)

This project investigates stakeholder engagement and participation in Scotland’s marine fishing industry. By exploring current engagement processes at home and overseas, the project outlines a number of points for best practice. At its core is an approach that is inclusive and integrates local knowledge.