Workshop on Fisheries and Climate Change

Workshop on Fisheries and Climate Change2020-03-19T18:28:03+00:00

Project Description

Climate-related impacts on the growth of fish and distribution of fish stocks is an important issue for Scottish fisheries. FIS commissioned a 5-day international workshop with global experts, plus a public event with talks from fishermen, to explore what we know now, and what we quickly need to understand, to help Scottish fishing businesses adapt to climate change.

The discussions resulted in a range of general insights about climate impacts on fish distribution and growth, including how the fishing industry will need to adapt. Want to see more?

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Watch the workshop presentations 

Experts from the UK, Australia, US, Canada, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Germany attended the 5-day workshop with eight scientists from the US, Canada, Australia, and Chile participating in workshop discussions remotely. The University of Aberdeen recorded the presentations which can be accessed via the links below.

1 РOpening overview talk 

2 – Review of distribution changes worldwide Australia

3 – Distribution changes on the east coast of the US & across North America from bottom trawl surveys

4- Review of distribution changes worldwide in Europe

5 – Review of distribution changes worldwide west Canada

6 – Review of distribution changes worldwide west coast US

7 – Overview of Chilean data

8 – Management implications of Climate Change US Alaska

10 – Management implications of Climate Change Australia

11- Approaches and considerations for measuring distribution changes an Australian perspective

12 – Distributions methods models review

13 – Centroids range limits and statistical and mechanistic models for analyzing distribution change

14 – Distributions methods models review

15 – Overview talk on modelling fish growth and its relation to bioenergetics

16 – Modelling fish growth

17 – No shared patterns in somatic growth changes among Northeast Pacific groundfish

18 – Warming temperatures and smaller body sizes synchronous changes in growth of North Sea fishes

18 – Part 11

19 – Modelling fish growth

20 – Ecological dynamics determine fish community response to temperature

21 – CERES project overview

22 – Public Event

24 – A time series approach to detect patterns of somatic growth change from messy length at age data

25 – Dynamic Factor Analysis detecting common trends across time series

26 – Tim Miller Jim Thorson’s analyses