Since 2014, FIS has commissioned around £2m project spend on research and investing in people
to help make Scottish fisheries more prosperous and sustainable through innovation.


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Real-time reporting app to avoid unwanted catches (FIS032)

Following the European Union’s zero-catch advice for cod and whiting on the west coast due to a decline in stocks fishermen on the west coast of Scotland are trialling state-of-the-art technology to avoid unwanted catches of these species.


Novel approaches to trapping: fishing and surveying (FIS025)

This project investigates the potential for a whitefish trap fishery to the West of Scotland. At-sea deployment of newly designed gear will trial the use of baited fish traps at depth. A novel way to harvest whitefish. The research asks how this might be achieved on a commercial scale and whether the approach could be used to survey whitefish stocks.


Industry self-sampling pilot (FIS020)

Using data collected by fishers on deck can help inform management and increase trust in stock assessments. This project reviews the efficacy of self-sampling schemes and the opportunities for such programmes in Scotland. While pelagic fisheries are at the centre of the project, there is potential to apply the approach to other sectors of the fishing industry. Winner of the 2019 Sustainability Award from Fishing News.



1507, 2020

Trial of fisheries bycatch reduction tool on the west of Scotland – new App now available

10:37 am|Categories: Press Release|

The latest version of an app co-designed by Scottish skippers to assist them in avoiding high catches of unwanted “choke” species is now available online. A demo version of the app, along with details about the pilot project

2906, 2020

The word ‘innovation’ has as many definitions as there are fish in a cod end

8:15 am|Categories: Blog|

For something that means exciting and new, the word ‘innovation’ can be a right old pain. So, we've asked Kara Brydson, FIS Executive Director, to explain how FIS defines the word 'innovation' and how they decide what makes

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