204, 2020

Innovative ways to catch premium white fish

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As part of a FIS commissioned project (FIS025), researchers at Marine Scotland Science have been investigating the potential for a whitefish trap fishery on the West Coast of Scotland. With this project nearing its completion (April 2020), we caught up with Marine Scotland's Jim Mair, the lead Gear Technician spearheading [...]

1102, 2020

What makes a good leader?

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In December 2019, Kate Rydzkowski from Orkney Sustainable Fisheries attended a course at Harvard Business School, USA, with funding from Fisheries Innovation Scotland (FIS) and The Fishmongers’ Company. We asked Kate about her experience and what it will bring to the Scottish seafood sector. Leading and Building a Culture of [...]

602, 2020

Scottish seafood leaders to innovate and act for prosperous, sustainable fisheries

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2020’s Scottish Fishing Conference, delivered by Fisheries Innovation Scotland, will take the temperature of innovation in the fishing industry, spark new conversations, and identify projects to release the un-tapped potential in Scotland’s seafood sector. 6th February 2020 - Fisheries Innovation Scotland’s announcement of the Scottish Fishing Conference 2020, and its [...]

2001, 2020

Calling all Scottish seafood stakeholders

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Prioritising your innovation needs for a more prosperous and sustainable Scottish seafood industry Fisheries Innovation Scotland believes that innovation will release untapped potential for greater prosperity and sustainability in Scotland’s seafood industry. Our organisation exists to facilitate projects that can make the greatest positive change for the industry in Scotland [...]

1601, 2020

Registration open for Scottish Fishing Conference 2020

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With a persistent limelight on our sea fisheries and marine environment, the emergence of new technologies, climate impacts, and a growing understanding of the role fishers, scientists and communities play in fisheries management – we’re at a pivotal moment for Scottish seafood. FIS believes that innovation is the key to releasing [...]